Vavoom Vodka: A Beautiful New Face on The Top shelf

In the world of high-end spirits, especially in the crowded Vodka segment, the word beauty rarely comes to mind. Enter Vavoom vodka. Conceived and designed by founder and CEO Luke Battiloro, Vavoom offers consumers an Ultra-Premium vodka in a sculpted Italian made bottle that can only be described as Stunning.

“We wanted to give this new generation of consumers a Vodka to call their own” said Battiloro. “People want something new. Not just an Ultra-Premium spirit, but something that evokes an emotional response. With our packaging and our branding, the focus was to bring Beauty, Style, and ultimately Empowerment to the masses. I think what we’ve created with Vavoom Vodka has done just that”.

This begs the question, can a Vodka company really be empowering? According to Battiloro the answer is a resounding YES. “Women currently make up over 60% of our consumers and the response from them on social media has been incredible! We encourage women everywhere to own their beauty and we’ve even reflected this in our slogan of Stai Bella, which translates to Stay Beautiful in Italian. We are creating an international movement to live life to the fullest and focus on everyone’s inner and outer beauty!! We aren’t just a Vodka company, we are a lifestyle brand and I think our marketing reflects that”.


So, what’s on the inside of this beautiful bottle? Naturally gluten free, Vavoom Vodka is created using only the highest quality ingredients and distilled 5 times before final finishing processes make this one of the smoothest Vodkas available today. “When people order a high-end bottle of Vodka for table service, or purchase for a special occasion, the product inside needs to be as memorable as the bottle it comes in” says company president John Laycock. “This generation demands a Vodka that is easily mixed without the aftertaste that so many have become accustomed to with their parent’s spirit of choice. With Vavoom, every time a person opens our bottle it feels special and we are very proud of that!”.


So where can you get Vavoom Vodka? By focusing on high end clubs, restaurants, and targeted markets Vavoom Vodka may not be the easiest bottle to find at your local liquor store, but that’s exactly how Vavoom wants it. “We don’t want to be just another brand, we thrive on exclusivity and instant brand awareness at the most exiting places around the world” says Battiloro. “Our bottle is instantly recognizable, and people will know they’re in the right place for an incredible night when they see us on the top shelf!!”.

Our verdict is that Vavoom Vodka won’t keep this level of exclusivity for long. Try as they might, the brand is seeing so much attention now that we’re sure it’ll be popping up exponentially at stores and restaurants in locations worldwide.