$169.99 USD
$169.99 USD




Vavoom takes branding to the next level. We want not only our customers, but everyone to know instinctively what we represent as a company. We started with the simple goal of bringing not only a premium spirit to the marketplace, but building a rapport with customers, empowering them to live life to the fullest.

  • Naturally Gluten Free, Vavoom Vodka is 5 times distilled in small batches, then finished with our own proprietary technique bringing a subtle smoothness that mixes perfectly in your favorite cocktail.

Italian Designed Handcrafted Masterpiece

Ultra - Premium Vodka  

Handmade in Milan, Italy by 

Starting from the simple idea of a need for the new generation to have an ultra-premium vodka of their own vavoom vodka was born. Every step of the design and distilling process has been done with the goal of bringing both Italian influences of beauty and art together with empowering women world wide to live their life to the fullest.


So, what’s on the inside of this beautiful bottle? Naturally gluten free, Vavoom Vodka is created using only the highest quality ingredients and distilled 5 times before final finishing processes make this one of the smoothest Vodkas available today. “When people order a high-end bottle of Vodka for table service, or purchase for a special occasion, the product inside needs to be as memorable as the bottle it comes in” says company founder Luke Battiloro. “This generation demands a Vodka that is easily mixed without the aftertaste that so many have become accustomed to with their parent’s spirit of choice. With Vavoom, every time a person opens our bottle it feels special and we are very proud of that!”.