Cigar Holder Whiskey Glasses Set of 2 $31.24 USD
GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR BAR OR TABLE: These glasses have a built in CIGAR REST that is designed to securely hold your favorite cigar. Wine Savant’s impressive set prepares a host for an classy event that is certain to leave guests in awe.Set of 2!
Be Beautiful Be You Stiletto $49.94 USD
GORGEOUS STILETTO HIGH HEEL DECANTER. Perfect gift for all High Heel lovers. Fill with Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, Tequila, Wine, Gin, or any alcohol. Get the perfect pour every time. For that someone who likes to be extra.
-26% sale
Thors Hammer Whiskey and Wine Decanter 3500ml $149.93 USD $199.95 USD
Marvel at the wonder of science in your very own custom-made Thor Hammer Decanter. Bring home the thunder! Add a touch of Norse mythology to your bar with the Thor Hammer Decanter. This sleek, hand-blown decanter features the God of Thunder's distinctive weapon. This elegant decanter holds 3500 ml of liquid, and can be used for serving your favorite spirits, or as a stylish display piece. The Thor Hammer Decanter has a contemporary appeal that will garner immediate attention for your wine. Journey back to the Viking age when Thor blessed his finest warriors with his hammer, Mjolnir. A modern take on the classic Viking art. Thor's Hammer is hand-blown from high quality borosilicate glass and heavy walled to become a beautiful decanter. Thor Hammer Decanter is one of the most innovative pieces of glassware we have ever developed. A delight for wine and avengers enthusiasts, the Thor Hammer Decanter is a distinctive accessory for any table. Display your inner geek with this unique and give your favorite spirits the respect they deserve with the Thor hammer Decanter. Pop the top on this hammer designed decanter and indulge in your favorite spirit. This exquisite decanter measures 17" in height and length and 4" in width. The Thor Hammer decanter is the hammer to smash through barriers and limitations of the spirit world. How many times have you needed a hammer just to get a shot of whiskey at the bar? Let's just say, not too often. Wield the power of Thor with this decanter bearing the likeness of Thor's mighty hammer! Your beverage will be imbued with its godly powers giving it the strength and courage to stand up to any adversary! Thor's hammer is more than a show piece, it's meant to be used. Be the envy of your next party with this Hammer of Thor Decanter. Fill your cup to the brim with this striking decanter. Holding the first glass of your favorite wine or whiskey has never felt more like a godly reward. The thunder god's boldness is brought to Earth in this masculine decanter, a unique glass that is both functional and awesome. The Thor Hammer Decanter is an exciting addition to any home bar. You will scatter your enemies with this decanter. Fill it with your favorite spirit, but be prepared to be the toast of the party. The Thor Hammer Decanter is a lovely glass decanter fit for the gods. Designed to look like a real mallet, enjoy your favorite spirit as you imagine wielding the power of Thor.
Guitar Whiskey Decanter, Mahogany Base - 1000 ML Glass Decanter 14" H For Whiskey, Scotch, Spirits, Wine Or Vodka For Music Lovers and Guitar Players $119.95 USD
Do you love to strum a tune? Do you like to sip whiskey as you sit back and watch the sunset? Or maybe you just want a beautiful decanter to set out on your bar? Then this is the perfect addition for your home bar. This beautifully handcrafted decanter is the ideal accessory for enjoying whiskey, scotch, bourbon or any of your favorite spirits. This is the ultimate accessory for a professional or amateur guitarist! Need a gift for the musician in your life? Look no further! If you know a musician or a whiskey lover, you have found the perfect gift with the Guitar Whiskey Decanter. Spice up your music room with this very unique yet beautiful 1000ml decanter that measures approximately 14" in height. A one of a kind piece of art. Great music is best enjoyed in the company of other great music lovers. This Guitar Decanter with two 10oz whiskey glasses will make a great centerpiece for your coffee table or bar. Add some class to your collection with this attractive and unique Whiskey decanter. Receive compliments and Rock On while enjoying a fine dram of whiskey. This decanter is made of high quality borosilicate with a shiny black base, the top opens simply by turning the guitar handle to pour. Pour your favorite whiskey, scotch, bourbon or spirits into the beautiful guitar glasses adorned with guitar pick handles and compliment your bar while you add a little extra elegance to your jam sessions. For music lovers and guitar players, the guitar is the perfect gift to commemorate a performance, or a memorable gig. Our whiskey decanter set will generously allow your guests to sample a variety of liquors in style. Show your love for music and whiskey alike with the Guitar Wine Decanter. A beautiful accessory for any home bar, and a unique design that will make any or guitarist turn their heads. This decanter makes a great gift for any enthusiast or collector of classic guitars! Let your whisky bask in the glory of a musician's love with a unique whiskey decanter that looks like an old-timey acoustic guitar! This beautiful glass decanter pours smoothly and is the perfect home for your favorite bottle. Add a touch of class and music to your home bar! Designed to be the centerpiece of your home bar, this guitar decanter is a conversation piece. Make every drink your show by keeping your favorite spirits on display with this elegant and modern guitar whiskey decanter.
-17% sale
Horse Decanter $37.44 USD $44.95 USD
This Beautiful Horse Derby decanter is inspired by celebrated horse racing, Kentucky Derby and the Spanish bull games in ages past.</p> <p> It's sophisticated and whimsy style is perfectly portrayed in any home liquor collection. Handmade with Glass. Perfect for a bar, lodge, cabin or home setting. Made with borosilicate glass, a stronger and thicker glass. Makes for a perfect gift, add some adventure and flair to anyone's bar this charging bull decanter is the perfect addition.
Horseshoe Cigar Coaster & Ashtray with A Crystal Whiskey Cigar Glass In A Leather Case $72.44 USD
Enjoy a nice cigar and a glass of your favorite whiskey with this Horseshoe Cigar Ashtray with Whiskey Glass and Leather Case Set. Protect your most prized cigars with this handsome Whiskey Glass and Horseshoe Coaster Set. The coaster has a shallow basin to rest your cigar, while the glasses have a unique shape that fits the curve of a stogie perfectly. Keep your cigar upright and ready to smoke with our unique whiskey glass design. Whether you're entertaining or relaxing at home, this set is a no-brainer addition to your man cave. The Horseshoe Cigar Ashtray with Whiskey Glass and Leather Case Set by The Wine Savant is a great gift for any cigar and horse aficionado. This simple, yet elegant piece of functional art is made of mahogany wood, and allows for you to rest a cigar on the coaster as well as on your glass! The coaster comes with a fine glass, designed to hold your drink in place while you smoke and to display any cigar. The coaster has a recessed area for a whisky glass that is included with this set. The Horseshoe Cigar Ashtray with Whiskey Glass and Leather Case Set is a great gift for the cigar aficionado, whiskey connoisseur and avid horse lover. The coaster provides a perfect platform for your glasses. Made of high quality mahogany, this coaster has a natural design that complements most man cave decor. Allow your guests to enjoy their drinks while showing off their style! If you’re a serious cigar aficionado and enjoy a nice whiskey, this is the perfect prop for your next social gathering. The Horseshoe Cigar Ashtray with Whiskey Glass and Leather Case Set by The Wine Savant is designed to help you enjoy the finer things in life. Treat yourself to a glass of whiskey or other spirits, while keeping your cigar horizontal & secure on its coaster. Start the party with this cigar coaster and glass set by The Wine Savant! The coaster sets elevate your cigar off of any surface and adorn any room with its exquisite aesthetic. When you are done enjoying a glass of chilled Whiskey and a puff of cigar, gently put the coaster away in the high quality brown leather case, preventing any damages that may occur when you are not around. The Wine Savant is proud to present the The Horseshoe Cigar Ashtray with Whiskey Glass and Leather Case Set, a gift that will complete any cigar aficionado's collection. Ever find yourself with a smoke and a drink, but not a way to safely rest your glass? Your favorite beverage sits together in one place, this coaster set comes complete with a beautiful non-slip coaster and a sleek cigar holder perfect for any cigar enthusiasts. This perfect combination makes for the ultimate after dinner drink.
Diamond Whiskey and Wine Decanter, Great Gift! 750ml With 4 Diamond Glasses and Beautiful Mahogany Wooden Holder $99.94 USD
This beautiful diamond decanter and it's elegant mahogany wooden base is something you’d definitely see on the giant mahogany desk of a Bond villain. The Center diamond decanter will beautiful decant your whiskey and aesthetically changes a whole office or bar setting, it will be the centerpiece of your conversation. Carefully hand crafted and artistically constructed. The decanter and diamond glasses will make anyone admire the artfully detailed diamond shape and it's aesthetic mahogany base. Hand-blown 100% lead free borosilicate glass. Hand crafted by skilled artisan craftsman, it's shape is unique and gives a royal feeling to any place setting.