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Vavoom Vodka Voted Best Vodka In 2020!

Vavoom Vodka was recently nominated for the Best Vodka of 2020 by Rave Reviews.  We did not seek out this review, we were simply approached by them and we were very happy to send them out a bottle for their review.

To read the full Rave Reviews article, click here:  Rave Reviews

vavoom vodka best vodka of 2020

We are honestly so confident with the Vavoom brand that we won’t hesitate to send our harshest critics a bottle to be reviewed!  The amount of time invested in the taste and “vibe” of the Vavoom brand and experience was years in development.  We already know our Vodka is top-notch, we know our product is the best in the Vodka market (which is extremely competitive).  We simply want to share what we’ve developed with all people that are passionate about Vodka, even the Russians!

On another note, we also send each of our customers a post-transactional email requesting an honest review so we understand better the experience they had with our brand.  95% of the reviews we receive are people that are very excited about the taste of our Vodka, and the presentation of the bottle for their wet bars.  We display each of our customer reviews on our website on multiple pages.  We want people to hear and also see the reviews from our customers, for that reason we allow all of our customers and encourage them to take a picture or a video with their detailed product review.  We want people that have not yet had the Vavoom Vodka experience to see how our other customers have reacted to our brand. Vavoom Vodka Rated Best Vodka Of 2020We know we are certainly not a cheap Vodka, we are actually on the high end of the spectrum, however, we simply have to charge more due to the fact that our bottle is manufactured and hand-crafted in Milan, Italy by Bruni Glass.  Our process is much more detailed than other Vodka brands that simply manufacture and bottle their product in the U.S.A.  We desire to bring a different experience to our customers, a unique and nostalgic experience that they can resonate with as they hold our bottle, and sip our Vodka in their homes, or places of business.


We are currently working on more details for our customers to read on our website about the journey of the beautiful bottle development which took years to complete and release.  We will be explaining the journey from the inception of the vision by Luke Battiloro, to the finished product that our customers receive.  I am very curious to know what our customers' thoughts are regarding our story.  We have never released in great detail any of the development processes that launched Vavoom Vodka, so it will be very exciting to understand how our customers react to our story.

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