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The Best Tasting Gluten Free Vodka

Vodka and gluten can be a fickle combination for gluten-free alcohol drinkers.  I think the biggest issue would be the distillation process with gluten proteins from wheat, which is supposed to be removed in that process.  The problem is, sometimes it's not and that can have serious consequences obviously.

If you're one of the few that suffer from Celiac Disease, be sure to stay away from all wheat based Vodkas so you don't run into any sensitivity issues.  The good news is, you won't have any of those issues with Vavoom Vodka, we've got you covered!

best gluten free vavoom vodka

Part of the ongoing problem is the inability of the manufacturer to display clearly on their packaging whether or not their product is truly gluten-free or not. 

gluten-free italian vodka

With Vavoom Vodka, you are in luck!  Our product is 100% gluten-free and you'll have nothing to worry about when enjoying your favorite Vodka. 

best tasting gluten free vodka

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