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Good Spirits News: Vavoom Vodka

After years of development and product design, liquor entrepreneur Luke Battiloro recently introduced Vavoom Vodka, to the US market.  Vavoom’s signature glass is handcrafted in Milan, Italy and evokes the figure of a beautiful, young woman stretching skyward.

Battiloro believes the unique, artisan packaging is an indispensable part of his brand’s appeal. “We wanted to give this new generation of consumers a Vodka to call their own” Battiloro said. “People want something new. Not just an Ultra-Premium spirit, but something that evokes an emotional response. With our packaging and our branding, the focus was to bring Beauty, Style, and ultimately Empowerment to the masses. I think what we’ve created with Vavoom Vodka has done just that”.

Like Vavoom’s partnership with Bruni Glass for its hand-made Milanese bottles, Vavoom teamed up with Isaac Halasima, an art and video director who’s done work for international pop-rock sensation Imagine Dragons. The video he produced brings the brand’s vision perfectly to life and can be found on the company’s revamped web site.

Vavoom is a 100% gluten-free, vodka distilled five times and finished three times. In addition, Vavoom is run through a coconut activated carbon filter in a proprietary process leveraging the superior filtering qualities of coconut. Exchanging iron ions with sodium ions creates an exquisite reverse osmosis system. There is science backing this up. The carbon activated from coconut shells boasts mostly pores in what is known as the “micropore range.” Just about all of the surface areas of coconut shell activated carbon is in this range. These tiny pores are perfectly sized to trap and filter out the contaminant molecules in water. Vavoom’s process is not only great at filtering out impurities. Coconut is also a totally renewable resource. Coconuts are constantly growing with several seasonal harvest periods, making Vavoom’s coconut activated carbon filtering process an environmentally responsible and sustainable practice.

Vavoom Vodka (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Slightly sweet and buttery. Medium level of minerals. Crisp, fresh and lively.
Taste: Exceptionally smooth and clean entry. The flavor is slight, almost coconut water-like. I say this in spite of the coconut shell filtering, which I only learned about after reviewing. The taste is brief and what lingers is just a warm afterglow.
Finish: Short, and with an even fade.
Overall: A really well distilled vodka. Of course, the bottle is what will garner the most remarks on the back bar. But, the spirit inside is equally as beautiful.
GSN Rating: A+

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