Here’s a liquor bottle that’s sure to be a showstopper and conversation starter: Vavoom Vodka – a gluten-free Italian vodka, five times distilled, that’s making its debut on these shores – comes in a Milan-crafted glass bottle depicting a curvaceous woman rising from it with her arms stretched overhead. Call it pinup meets vodka. 

“We wanted to give this new generation of consumers a vodka to call their own,” liquor entrepreneur Luke Battiloro said in a statement. “People want something new – not just an ultra-premium spirit but something that evokes an emotional response. With our packaging and our branding, the focus was to bring beauty, style and ultimately empowerment to the masses. I think what we’ve created with Vavoom Vodka has done just that.”

Is this contemporary Venus de Milo sexist, or are we reading too much into it?

Put it this way:  We look forward to Battiloro producing a gin bottle in the form of the Apollo Belvedere.

– Georgette Gouveia